Advisory Board


Advisory Board's Mission & More!

BBOC's Advisory Board is non-governing body made up of BBOC members who provide BBOC's executive team with best practices and resourceful information to ensure executive decisions align with BBOC's Mission. 


1) Meet once a month:

Meetings: We Meet Once A Month*

Promptly following our monthly full body meeting we divide into committees (called “working meetings”) Our meetings are normally 2-3 hours.

*We will advise in Advance if additional meetings are needed)

2) Volunteer at 5 BBOC Events per year

3) Each Board Member is required to serve on a committee

Please choose the committee that best Suites your professional and personal experiences. 


•Communications & Advertising 

•Community Relations 

•Signature Events (CBRW/BFTF) 

•Fundraising & Sponsorship, 

•Education & Membership

Advisory Board Leaders

President: TBD on March 28th

Vice-President:  TBD on March 28th

Advisory Board Benefits

BBOC Values our Advisory Board and strive to create a professional atmosphere! We understand that this will not be your final stop and see your journey with us as an opportunity to help you grow as you help our organization grow! 

Each board member will be provided a quarterly assessment. This assessment is an opportunity to see where you have excelled and to see where you may need more resources. Each board member should leave us more equipped than when they joined us! 

Also, twoce a year We hold a Board Retreat. The retreat consists of the executive team, board, and volunteers. Retreats consist of team-building exercise, dinner, board games, & much more!

Board members are given free passes to BBOC events and training sessions. The President will advise of specifics. 

Board members will be featured in our publication, the Black Connector During the March/April issue. 

Be a ChangeMaker!

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Advisory Board


Membership Committee

Our Advisory Board is relaunching our Membership Committee. The committee will Approve/Disapprove New Membership requests, set membership guidelines/benefits, Engage Members by hosting quarterly events & workshops, and facilitate member surveys! 

Committee Meetings will be held the 4th Wed of each month (No December Meeting). The First meeting will be held the 4th Wed in July at 7:30pm (July 24th).

The president of the committee will report to our advisory board once a quarter. 

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