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BBOC’s Mission & Vision:


 Black Business Owners of Charlotte was founded in late 2014 and our goal is to empower current and future business owners with resources needed to sustain a lucrative business, while Inspiring them to reach back and uplift their surrounding communities.

BBOC’s Vision:
BBOC's goal is to inspire, enrich, and engage Black Business Owners through business development and community enhancement.

"Our Job is to Engage the Community, Equip Business Owners, & DRIVE Customers Their Way!"
~Mr Cathay Dawkins, BBOC Founder 

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  This Story did not begin today! It is a seemingly never-ending series, resulting in the dissolution of our Streets, Homes, Businesses, and Entire Communities!  

    Clearly, No one holds the remedy, nor the resources, so it is going to take a Strategic Collaborative Effort to preserve Black Buildings, Graves, & Landmarks, to ensure our future generations can tangibly learn about Their History. 

 Club Excelsior was recently listed as one of the most endangered historical places in the US. We must not wait to see if this declaration will Save Excelsior, we must Demand the  Preservation of this Iconic Building, for the sake of our Posterity. 


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REAL IMPACT! Circulating the Black Dollar!


Did You Know!?!

BBOC’s event, Black Food-Truck Fridays™️, 

 is attended by 1500-5000 patrons per event (some events exceeding this number) and Thanks to BBOC Foundation of Economics our vendors pay very affordable rates!

On average:

Retail Vendors Pay $75

Dessert/Frozen Dessert Vendors $100

Food Trucks  $150

Artists & Non-Profits $45

After 5-10 sales, vendors normally exceed their investment. Most Food Trucks serve over 150 guests per event. 

Similar major events charge 75-200% more and are known to exclude black business owners from the table.  

Our foundation ensures Business Owners can have a profitable experience during every event. 

The costs to host BFTF with Security, Sound, Permits, Insurance, Staff etc, normally exceed the investment from vendors but our foundation covers the difference!

Each event circulates an average of $25K back into the community! 

Our Larger events see an economic impact of upwards of $75-150k with CharlotteBLACKRestaurantWeek investing $1.7 million in the last two years. 

Since 2017, BBOC has hosted 42 events that have driven well over $3 million dollars back into the community!

Go Follow, the BBOC Foundation of Economics

Creating Avenues of Revenues for Black Businesses, & Cultural PRIDE for the Black Community!


BBOC Sponsored Events:

BBOC hosts several major events throughout the year, geared at creating a dependable source of revenue for Black Entrepreneurs while providing an outlet and safehaven for the Black Community to celebrate & empower their culture! 

BBOC hosts an average of two Black Food Truck Fridays (BFTF) events a month. The event provides a platform for up to 25 local Food Trucks, Retail Vendors, and Artists! Seeing an average of 3500 attendees per event! BFTF circulates $25,000 to $50,000 Back into the BLACK Community per event!

Since 2017, Charlotte BLACK Restaurant Week (CBRW), a week-long event held in mid October, has provided much needed exposure to local black-owned restaurants!

CBRW has been featured in 170 local & national publications including NPR, Essence, Black Enterprise,, & Charlotte magazine and reached Millions on social media alone. 

In the past two years, The event has supported 37 black-owned restaurants and over 250 businesses owners! 

CBRW has driven over $1.7 million back into Charlotte’s Economy and in the pockets of hard-working entrepreneurs!

(Black Food Truck Fridays launched during CBRW and BBOC decided to host every month to keep the Movement going year round!) 




We are traveling across the city in celebration of Black Culture‘s Impact on MUSIC, FOOD, & ENTREPRENEURSHIP! 


CLT Black Leadership Brunch


Theme: “Creating a Thriving Black Ecosystem“

We are cordially inviting Charlotte Leaders from both the Private & Public Sector to attend this Solution Driven Brunch. Called to Action by Mr Cathay Dawkins, Founder of Black Business Owners of Charlotte, this Brunch is a Meeting of the Minds of those who are already putting in the Work! 

Come ready to engage in long overdue conversations with the purpose of igniting a thriving Black Ecosystem. This cannot happen by one Voice or one Org, it is going to take each and every one of you to Create the Change You Seek! 

The Lavish Decor & Brunch is presented by "Alan Douglas Events" & 'Two Guys N A Kitchen"

Upon registration a questioniare will be forwarded to you within 48hrs, please resubmit at your earliest convenience. Please contact if you have questions or concerns. 

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Charlotte BLACK Restaurant Week,LLC, Black Food Truck Fridays ™️, and Taste of Soul-CLT ™️, 

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Black Business Owners of Charlotte

Providing Business Development, Branding, Adverising, and Networking Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Charlotte & Surrounding areas.

 "Our Job is to Equip Business Owners, &  DRIVE Customers Their Way!" 

~ Mr Cathay Dawkins



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