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Steering Committee Responsiblities

    The Charlotte Black Resturant Week Steering Committee's Core Responsibility is to align BBOC with Stakeholders, Sponsors, and Partners to ensure CBRW receives the needed funding & Support to host an event that meets Expectations of Restaurant Owners, while also reaching BBOC's Community Engagement goals! 

       With guidance from BBOC's Executive Team and Advisory Board, Committee Members will also help Plan, Execute, and Promote the event and will be provided special perks for their involvement. Including Admission to our Reveal Party, Kick-off event, & Gala! 

   The CBRW Steering committee members must first join BBOC’s Advisory Board. 

      CBRW 2019 will be held from Oct 21-27 and will help support dozens of Black Owned Restaurants and Business Owners!

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Updated Meeting Dates:

Full Advisory Board Meeting 

Feb 28th, 2019 7pm


Restaurant Enrollment & Ambassadorship

Sponsorship & Fundraising

Event Planning & PR


Grantwriting & Philanthropy

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